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April 27, 2016
A bedtime story

The Four Secrets To Happiness

The Four Secrets To Happiness are: 1) LAUGH 2) LISTEN 3) CARE 4) COMPARE Secret 1) Laugh: -often, -long, -hard, -kindly. Why? Laughing releases good feeling chemicals in our bodies; In order to laugh you have to lighten up, set down your problems and be open long enough to get the joke or see the funny or understand the humor. You simply can’t stay mad or depressed when laughing. So, do laugh often, long and hard; but be sure to [...]

April 2, 2016
Rotary 4 way


1. DEVELOP BETTER HABITS a. Full Life Balance: Develop The Habits b. Five Weeks to Full Life Balance 2. ESTABLISH LIFE-BUSINESS GOALS a. Life Business Plan 3. GET HELP a. Mentor b. Like minded community c. Learn from success ‘Success leaves footprints’ 4. DEVELOP PLAN Specific measurable goal with written plan a. IDENTIFY goal, why, how, see it b. Have plan A and B Begin Now c. Do something every day towards it 5. SHOW UP EVERY DAY / FAIL [...]

February 3, 2016

Carter’s Biz Cafes – Drop by for a tour and the coffee is on us!

The North Bay’s newest and most exciting business venue is Carter’s Biz Cafes in Benicia! Why a Biz Cafe? According to the U.S. Dept of Labor, by 2020 60% of the American work force, over 30 million people, will not have to report to a specific work location on a daily basis. So, where will theses employees work? Instead of at home or the local coffeehouse–both of which have major productivity dis-advantages–they will work at places like Carter’s Biz Cafes [...]

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