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The Six Secrets of Success

Are you successful? Could you be better? How would being successful improve your life: health, wealth, relationships? After exhaustive research, William K. Wesley, the creator of Full Life Balance (How to Live Better Every Day!), is releasing the second book in the Full Life Balance series: The Six Secrets of Success.

And now, you can pre-order The Six Secrets of Success for just $5.00! And by pre-ordering, you’ll pay only $9.99 total price for your copy instead of the regular retail price of $12.99. That’s a savings of nearly 25%! But act now, we are only taking 1,000 pre-orders.

Regular Price: $12.99

Discounted Price: $9.99 with $5.00* to pre-order.

(Balance $4.99 will be charged later)

FULL life BALANCE (FLB) will help you “Live Better Every Day”. Guaranteed!

The Full Life Balance book is a guide to Live Better Every Day by living a life that is full, healthy, productive, purposeful, and exciting. FLB offers this guide to a better life by outlining proven steps to balance our five natural needs and desires. If you want to Be Well, Work Smart, Have Fun and Live Better Every Day, get the handbook of Productive Wellness, FULL life BALANCE!

NOTE: Live Better Guarantee: BUY my book. READ my book. DO what it says in my book for 35 days and I guarantee your life will be better than it is today or I will refund your purchase price period.

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Full Life Balance
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Full Life Balance has brought the concepts of living better everyday to leadership training and corporate development. Bulk purchasing options give you the ability to learn these concepts and ideas at an individual, division, or company-wide basis.

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