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  • "I've been with Kaiser for over 10 years in Health Plan, Sales and Account Management. We recently invited Mr. William K. Wesley to do his Productive Wellness training at our Annual Kaiser Summit with our Sales and Account Management and Underwriting teams; about 20 people. He was absolutely fantastic, the teams LOVED him. William was very enthusiastic, energetic, and most importantly, inspirational. He spoke a lot about change which is perfect given all the changes we are undergoing. He provided many actionable tips designed to make our teams better with more communication, increased personal responsibility and acceptance of others; but he also delivered specific sales tips designed to help our teams increase the KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST factor among our clients which goes directly to the bottom-line.

    I don't want to take up much time, but if you are looking for a trainer and transformational/motivational speaker William should be highly considered. The cost of his training and presentation is clearly money well-spent. He is extremely professional, very thorough and prepared.

    I am enthusiastically referring William to other groups within Kaiser. I also look forward to bringing William in again."

    Joanna San Diego, Sales Manager, Marin/Sonoma Service Area, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

  • "On behalf of the Advance Image Consulting students at City College of San Francisco, I’d like to thank you for your Full Balance Presentation. We had a fabulous time listening to you, watching your KPIX interview and having a full blown discussion around it all. You had my student’s undivided attention as you spoke about your life and how you got to where you are now. It was exciting watching you engage the students giving them an opportunity to share their positive thoughts and trepidations about moving forward after they leave school. They told me after you left that your motivational talk encouraged them to be less fearful about the future. “What struck me was William saying, strive relentlessly to do what you love,” says one of my students. “When you put it that way the future can look promising because I do love fashion.” Your Full Balance presentation was very timely and loaded with clever and insightful information. Key points that stood out was telling them to be a little better everyday. To connect with their spiritual self, get fit, drink water, read, pursue their passion, volunteer and feel good about life. William, thank you again for the inspiring presentation, it opened the student’s eyes to the importance of crystallizing behavior with attitude and accepting full responsibility for their lives. We will definitely invite you again! Enthusiastically, "

    Kelly Armstrong, Image Consulting Instructor, City College of San Francisco

  • "As William so powerfully states, ‘Wellness is not fluff! Full Life Balance Wellness increases productivity and when you increase the productivity of your employees, it flows right to the bottom line.’ William delivered his message to a group of managers and leaders at our firm and each was as blown away as I was. We are in the process of scheduling William to speak to more of our employees as soon as possible.”

    Rachael Guillory, Director, Major Telecommunication’s firm

  • "I recently heard William Wesley on the radio, and I’ve attended his Seminars. His message of personal transformation and spirited, unselfish living comes across with real warmth and authority in person. Read the book. Catch him in person. You’ll believe, too."

Antonio Watkins, 
MFA, Professor,
St. Mary’s College

  • "William Wesley’s training was very helpful for the team I was managing at that time. It helped the entire biotechnology, sales & marketing team to improve their lives not just professionally but also personally. The performance of the team was much higher after the training. William’s delivery style is very unique …. I am highly recommending William for future training…. Please feel free to contact me…."

Violeta Jordan, MBA,
Global Director, Anaspec

  • "William Wesley is one of the most profound speakers the Valley Real Estate Network has ever had! Although his presence caught everyone’s attention, his story captivated us! When William pointed out the common thoughts and feelings we all have regarding our busy day to day lives, everyone laughed, cried and certainly related to every word he said. Then, he closed by explaining how his 5 keys would help us get the full life balance we need to deal with our hectic lives in a much better way! William is truly inspiring……!"

Don Cruz Datanagan, President,
Valley Real Estate Network, District Broker, ZipRealty

  • "William was our first, non-accountant key-note speaker for our marquee event, the Scholarship GALA, in recent memory. Because of this, we were a bit apprehensive about whether he and his message would connect. If only we knew. We should have allocated him more time. He was magnificent. He blew us and everyone else in the audience away. His presentation was on point, resonated with the audience and he had everyone wishing there was more time for him to expand on the 5 keys. All we could do was form a very long line to him at the end and scoop as many copies of his book as we could lay our hands on. He has definitely opened our eyes and minds and we will be forever grateful to him for sharing his time and life lessons."

    Munya Mututa, 
San Francisco National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

  • William is one of those rare leaders who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor. I first met William at a Job Networking Ministry event where he led the group discussion focused on his book, Full Life Balance (FLB). A captivating communicator, William’s vision and messaging is straightforward, smart and full of common sense. At the end of his one hour presentation, I was compelled to learn more.

    Spending six weeks working with William, he has an innate ability to coach without being overbearing. Simplifying a convoluted world, William focuses his students to look within and organize your life priorities FIRST! His approach of scheduling five simple, yet effective activities a day has helped me with my family and career. 5 minutes of peace, stretching, reflection, learning and thinking charitable. 25 minutes a day has changed my perspective and elevated my awareness to becoming a better husband, father and business leader. That is the greatest compliment I can give.

    I am appreciative of Williams’ coaching and am privileged to call him a friend.

    Matt Abbott, Director, Business Development, Six Sigma Yellow Belt

  • "It was my pleasure to recently meet William Wesley and to hear his story.. I felt as though he was speaking directly to me. He spoke about his journey to find life balance in a way that touched his entire audience. His book "Full Life Balance" was so beautifully and honestly written that I keep finding myself returning to it for guidance."

    Lynn Nichols Carriker

  • "There were too many positive takeaways from William's FLB Productive Wellness training to mention them all. That said, his 5 keys reminded me of a few areas (namely charitable, and spiritual) where I need to deepen my engagement with life. Furthermore, his point about the importance of having a daily check-in of some sort with one's children inspired me to bring back a regular ritual I have with my own children around gratitude and reflecting back on our day and looking forward to the next day. William's story and example are inspirational. It left me yearning for more""

    Christian M. Differding, Associate Account Manager II, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

  • "Your book (Full Life Balance) is now on my Kindle for my enjoyment AND reference when the world seems wacky (quite often). It provides a reality check and a way of thinking about things…"

    Caroline Kane, 
Retired Professor Emeritas, UC Berkeley

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