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Henry Kissinger said, “The task of the leader is to get people from where they are to where they have not been.” Full Life Balance’s Top Performance Leadership Training (TPL) program is designed to do just that. Our program takes managers with ideally less than five years experience and guides them into becoming better leaders which allows them to increase performance, efficiency, moral and motivation of their teams.

We achieve results through an intensive, yet engaging program spread out over 10-12 months. The program is delivered in 8-10 four to six hour sessions conducted at the Full Life Balance training facility in Benicia, California. However, our program can be brought to you. The classes are optimally designed for 5-9 participants who are currently managing goal and task oriented production teams.

Our Top Performance Leadership training focuses on five critical areas:

1) Management: Leadership, Principles, Communication and Organizational Behavior
2) Human Resources: Talent Acquisition, Interview, Train, Develop, Counsel, and Separation
3) Time Efficiency and Effectiveness: Prioritization, Calendar, Delegation, and Emails
4) Presentation Skill: Creation, Pre-work, Hardware and Software Aspects of Delivery, Follow-up
5) Productive Wellness: Develop the physical, mental and emotional tenacity for Top Performance

All of our training is designed for adult learners. We use sight, sound and movement to insure learning happens by seeing, by hearing and most effectively, by doing. We incorporate this philosophy into the lecture format by using narrative stories, examples, workbooks (where applicable) and interactive questioning with role-plays and peer critiques (where applicable) to explore various levels of background and skill sets while delivering an engaging, informative and useful training which attendees can begin using immediately.

Here is an overview of each TPL training area:

1) Management: Leadership, Principles, Communication and Organizational Behavior. First we examine the roles of a manager: Controlling- monitoring, comparing, correcting; Organizing- arranging and structuring; Leading- coaching, directing, disciplining; and Planning- setting goals, strategies. Then we analyze examine and discuss the habits, processes systems employed by outstanding leaders and managers to achieve team and organizational success. We discuss the history of management, look at current trends in order to develop what works best in the attendees’ current employee and organizational environment. In our Communication Mastery module, we explore the key components of person-to-person messaging and how to best establish the sales and customer service ‘Holy Grail’ of Know, Like and Trust in the minds of clients and prospects.

2) Human Resources: Talent Acquisition, Interview, Train, Develop, Counsel, and Termination. We review the HR process from employee sourcing to separation, be it voluntary or otherwise, and examine some of the best practices at each stage of the employee’s engagement with the organization.

3) Time Efficiency and Effectiveness: Prioritization, Calendar, Delegation, and Emails. Some of the questions we address in this module will are: What is the most important task of the day and when should you do it? What’s the best use of my time at this moment? When should I do emails? What’s the best way to delegate and when should I? How do I personally employ and bring proven answers to these and other time management questions and increase the odds of my team adapting them?

4) Presentation Skill: Creation, Pre-work, Delivery, Follow-up. We review and instruct attendees in some of the habits and processes of outstanding, impactful presenters in an engaging, participative format with group exercises and one-on-one examples.

5) FLB Productive Wellness (PW): Develop the physical, mental and emotional tenacity required for Top Performance. This program is the foundational cornerstone of our Full Life Balance lifestyle and productivity enhancement platform. PW teaches attendees proven habits designed to increase or establish balance in their lives. Participants will be challenged to implement 5-specific steps over a 5-week period that have been proven to help them focus, relax, increase concentration and improve their productivity and life enjoyment. All attendees will receive a complimentary Productive Wellness Assessment which takes a snapshot of where each individual stands in relation to the Five Keys of Full Life Balance. Attendees will also receive a customized Executive Summary which will include person-specific suggestions to help them improve their daily existence.


Although the initial training is focused on the leaders of your firm; we recommend and include in our proposal, one 3-hour Productive Wellness session per manager for their respective direct reports. As a recent Gallup Poll stated, the manager is the most important person in an employees’ life. By extension, if a manager is trained in and begins to model the Productive Wellness and Top Performance behavior, employees are more likely to do the same. In addition, the FLB training for leaders will include tips to help managers increase the odds of a successful rollout to the teams.

Employee training sessions should begin shortly after the second TPL session which would allow us to deliver a session to each manager’s team by the end of the one year training program. Where possible, leaders should also attend the employee based trainings to increase performance. If desired, employees can also be scheduled for multiple training sessions and/or individual Top Performance Coaching.

FEE: Please contact us for a customized quote.

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