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INTRO:  It’s been said that most people would rather be in the coffin than deliver the eulogy because they are that afraid of public speaking.  And I understand it. Putting yourself out there, sharing with strangers could create a lack of self confidence. The spotlight effect (being the center of attention), putting your strengths / weaknesses on display in public–all can make speaking nerve racking. In fact, 74 percent of Americans have glossophobia (the fancy word for a fear of public speaking).

Well, I created Top Performance Speaking to help get you out of the coffin. I’ve delivered over 300 presentations with nearly 1,000 folks in some of my audiences. I’ve taught management communication at the university level and have personally helped over a hundred speakers get better and I know I can help you.

HOW do we help you become a better speaker? Our training starts with the basics:

We help you IDENTIFY  YOUR GOAL: What is it? Is it to inform, inspire, direct, instruct, etc?–and who is your audience, why are they in the room with you?

We help you FIND YOUR VOICE ….. The easiest, most natural thing for you to be is you–your movement, your words, your voice, your expressions. Once you are comfortable being you in front an audience, you will greatly reduce your nervous tension.

We then we INSTRUCT YOU in the FUNDAMENTALS parts of a great speech/presentation: We teach you How to Tell what you are going to tell them, Tell them, Tell them what you told tell them.

Part 1. THE OPENING: What’s best? a joke? a story? your bio? or just get right into it? (tell then what you are going to tell)
Part 2. BODY: Cover 3 points / analogy-story / put a face on it (tell ‘em); and lastly,
Part 3. CLOSE: Call to action. Tell them what you told them and then tell the audience what you want them to do, think and/or feel.

We also teach the Key HARDWARE and SOFTWARE Tips of Successful Speakers:
HARDWARE (physical presence, body language, facility, equipment, resources, collateral);
SOFTWARE (audience pre-work, voice and speech delivery prep, content, methods of communication)
After training, depending on package selected, we will attend and critique one of your presentations and provide an executive summary evaluation.
So that is a nutshell is Top Performance speaking. Thank you for sharing time with us. We look forward to helping you become a better speaker. Not only do you deserve it and so does your audience.


Custom Speaking Assessment
Four (4) hours of personal TPS instruction and coaching
We attend and critique one of your after-training presentations
Provide an Executive Summary
On-going touch-up phone and email availability

Custom Speaking Assessments
Two four (4) hour sessions of  TPS instruction and coaching
Pre-presentation assistance and critique
Provide Executive Summaries
Special rates for one-on-one in person touch-up sessions
NOTE: Maximum group size per session is 7 persons unless otherwise agreed upon.

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